As you can probably tell, one of our main focuses here at StepFox is to develop amazing sports themes. But, it wasn’t always like that.

When we first started making themes back in the day, there were not many sports themes available. Actually you can say it was just a few, and only for the most popular sports. Like football (soccer) for example. We have just finished creating our first few magazine themes and I remember we were talking about how cool would it be if we could develop a theme for some other sport. One that we were watching and being avid fans of. MMA.

A couple of months later the MMA Sports Magazine Theme was born. The worlds’ first MMA WordPress theme. Man we were proud. It was a good filing all around as we enjoyed the process of creating the theme as well. I guess because we combined two things we loved, developing amazing themes and MMA, that outcame was inevitable.

The theme was very well received from the community as well. Lots of MMA fans out there! But what is interesting is, it was not just them, there were lots of users who wanted to adapt the theme to other fighting sports as well. Most notably wrestling.

After seeing that a substantial number of users requested adaptation of the theme to wrestling (and other sports as well), we decided that it would be the best if we develop a whole new theme dedicated to Wrestling. WordPress Wrestling Theme. The WWT.

Then we thought, while developing a wrestling theme, why not go a step further and develop a boxing theme as well. Maybe a Jiu-Jitsu / grappling one? You can see where this is going. And that is how our focus on WordPress sports themes was born.

In the coming months you can expect new MMA, Wrestling and Boxing themes. After that there will be a period where we release a few themes dedicated to other sports, like football and basketball. Prior to or along with it, we will introduce few e-sports themes as well, but more on that on the next occasion. If you are interested in any such themes it is worthy to note that some of these themes will be StepFox Marketplace exclusives, so make sure you drop by from time to time.